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jeremy-hermanns-labs.jpgOkay, I admit it – there are a bunch of my personal projects available on the web (both past and present). To some it may seem confusing, and you’re probably wondering whats going on currently? In an effort to help those who may be confused, here is the official Personal Project list of Jeremy Hermanns:
*in no specific order

1. Blogebrity
Co-Founded Blogebrity in 2005 and currently lead the business-strategy side of the Blogebrity brain child, while working on the development of The List index, as well as many other logistical and technology needs. I’m working very closely with Kyle now on the new Blogebrity v2.0.
Created 5/2005

2. Jeremy Hermanns dot org (this site)
Started my personal site to allow myself the ability learn from others better and to have a more personal dialog with the online community.
Created 11/2005

3. Simple Performance MarketingFormerly: SimpleSEM
I launched Simple in 2004 to address the industry need for affordable professional Search Engine Marketing solutions. Prior to this, I had worked at Yahoo!-Overture as a Category Optimizer in the Category/Direct Sales team, where I acquired in-depth, behind-the-scenes search engine knowledge and optimization experience. Since then, we have rebranded from SimpleSEM –> Simple Performance Marketing – we offer exclusive boutique PPC, SEO, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Solutions. in 2009 I Partnered with Kyle Bunch to grow. Kyle adds over a decade of experience working with Fortune Top 100 Agency Clientele.
Created 6/2004

4. MolinoStreetLofts dot org
The Official community website for the Molino Street Lofts, located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. I worked with the HOA to develop and create this site for the administration and residents needs. I take a lot of pride in this site, because I live here too!
Created 12/2006

That’s it, and I have a few other projects brewing, so please keep coming back to see more…as of now I can only post my completed ones (Wifes orders!) Bahhhhhh, foiled again.


  1. hi ,

    i am pankaj and currently working as an search engine optimizer (SEO) and would like to work on any of your project, I have also worked as an PPC executive and quite expert in keywords research, competitor analysis and site analysis skills.

    i have worked for several affiliate site ( publisher sites ) as well. Can generate revenue through affiliate marketing without having any site ( applying affiliate marketing in paid advertising).

    desperately waiting for your positive response

    thanks and regards


  2. Hey bro,

    Long time no see!

    I’m browsing through your site, looking for an old article you posted in regards to google searching tips. Couldn’t find it, but I clicked on SIMPLESEM and noticed you got hacked. Just wanted to give you the heads up on that… Call me sometime bro, we should meet up and get some drinks.

    Take care and say hello to Erika,


  3. One project can be a challenge, having several can be overwhelming. Good to see that you are organized and doing a great job. Keep up the great work. You have some great sites.

  4. I am doing research for your bio I am writing. I like your tounge in cheek wit that spreads throughout your writing across sites.

    I am seeing a huge diversity in what you have done which will make it both easy and challenging to describe you.

    Much Love,

  5. I would like to become an affilate for eharmony. I write romantic Christain books on my site.

  6. I just want to say you are FREAKING amazing. How do you fit it all in? Seriously?

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