Why I Work with MarketLeverage


As background, I recently signed up for a MarketLeverage account after Tyler Cruz first mentioned them last month – the “MarketLeverage visits Tyler!”). First off, I had never used them (heard of yes, used no) so this was a good enough endorsement to get tip the scale in checking it out. So I signed up, and logged in…to say the least I was excited and also stoked.

Enough talk, let’s check out the Affiliate ‘Home’ Dashboard Screenshot!
Check out all the Brand Name Affiliate Offers! - SouthWest, Wal Mart, Sams Club, Home Depot, etc...

The first thing I was excited about was the amount of Large Brand Name offers that they had to offer. I mean Wal Mart, Home Depot, SouthWest Airlines, Sams Club and MANY MORE…I was in Affiliate heaven. Having used CJ, and ClickBank for years – this was a breath of Fresh Air to see that MarketLeverage had such a strong ‘high-brow’ Affiliate Offering. Now let’s dig deeper into the interface…

Below you will see the “Top 20” Offers section…this is in my opinion the best place to check out the newest and ‘freshest’ and ‘Niche’ Affiliate offers to dip your proverbial toe into.
Sample of Top 20 Affiliate Offers on MarketLeverage
I circled just a sample of the $25+ USD Offers that are out there for leads and sales – the best part is 90% of the sale/lead offers don’t require 100% of the amount (i.e. $1.00 S&H = $25 USD Affiliate payout!). They truly have great value and limited time offers for the consumers and affiliates alike – bravo, gracias, hoi san, merci, thanks!

Now for the customer support – I was contacted by my personal Affiliate Manager the next day after signing up, he was very kind and knowledgeable. I also learned MarketLeverage is no ‘small shop’ or ‘flash-in-the-pan’ start-up; they have over 50+ employees and been established for over 7 years. My Manager helped me understand the admin section and also offered to help in any way possible – it’s always good to see a online marketing company that cares about the affiliates as much as the publishers.

I will go into the Affiliate Analytics section in a future post, but for now, I encourage all my readers (who are interested in making more money!) to go signup for a MarketLeverage Affiliate Account today!


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