The Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog!


Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! These are the things that make life so sweet, ok enough ‘day dreaming’. As we all know, rankings are great, but they only matter if there is query volume (a.k.a traffic). Anyone can build a blog – as evidenced by the millions of useless ones out there; but it’s those with thousands of visitors who really have a “voice of influence” (which I too am working towards). So I advise all JH dot org readers to watch John Chow in his most recent visit to The Lab with Leo show, where he discusses the top ways to drive traffic to your blog! Do you know what they are?

This interview was taped back in July but aired last week. It took this long to finally find the episode and put it on YouTube. Thanks to Greg Morgan for doing all the leg work to get this done. If you compare this interview to my first interview with Leo, you’ll see I’m a lot more relaxed. I must be getting use to the limelight. 😎

See John Chow thinks you should read it too!



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  2. That was a great video. Those were great methods to drive traffic. Great content is the key. It has proven itself time and time again.

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