Want to Be More Productive? Get a Second Monitor…


About three years ago, I purchased an additional monitor for use in conjunction with my laptop, and will never go back to a single display ever. Since I proselytize having an additional monitor, some of my colleagues have challenged my claims of increased productivity – until now.

Three recently published studies help support my claim:

1. “Two Screens are Better Than One” from Microsoft Research, this study indicates productivity gains of 9-50%
2. “The Virtues of a Second Screen” in the New York Times, which quotes increases of 20-30% (Peddie Research).
3. Pfeiffer ReportThe complete PDF version

This most recent of reports from Pfeiffer measure the productivity of using a 17-inch LCD vs. the 30-inch Apple Cinema Display. And yes we know, the report was paid for by Apple Computer, regardless the conclusive results are clear and concise.

For their experiments, the Pfeiffer Researchers defined tasks to evaluate the users such as “Moving Files Between Folders” and “Full-Page Editing (InDesign).” The study concluded that users on average had productivity gains between 39 and 73%.

Good luck searching for an easier way to gain time in our busy schedules, heck I may buy another one.


Below is a picture of my dual laptop monitor setup – note the Kensington stand (a must!)
My dual monitor laptop setup - with Kensington Laptop Stand (a must have!)


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