SEOintelligence Featured on KillerStartups™


SEOintelligence featured on KillerStartups
I just wanted to let readers know that SEOintelligence (our entry into the SEO tools category) was recently featured on KillerStartups™. I am very excited to get the “KillerStartup” badge of recognition, but honestly we’re only halfway to the finish line with the toolset. SEOi has turned from a “pet project” into a full blown SaaS business model with teeth – and we’re really only touching the tip of the iceberg in regards to usability and customer value (which is a GREAT place to be as a app developer).

Many of you know Kyle (my Partner) and I have been hard at work on the v1.0 release and finally getting out of “beta” mode – we are also trying to take into account ALL the customer feedback to date to make SEOintelligence the BEST SEO toolset available online (shout out to to all our loyal users – thank you!).

Now please take 10 seconds and go over to KillerStartups and Vote SEOintelligence to the Top!

We’re also mentioned in CrunchBase – see below!!!


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