New eHarmony Affiliate Program on Market Leverage!


This is exciting news, it looks like is now working with Market Leverage to manage their Affiliate Program. The old eHarmony Affiliate program was a ‘dinosaur’ with little management and creative update cycles, I hope that Market Leverage and their incredible staff can supercharge the program again.

Caveat: My Team managed eHarmony’s enormous PPC campaigns for about 3 years at TribalDDB. (previous Interactive Advertising Agency Job ’04-’07)…so this is a very exciting opportunity for me – as I am a big proponent of eHarmony’s products and personal matching technology.

As you may well know, eHarmony has a pretty advanced ‘matching’ technology to assist users in finding ‘compatible’ and potential “lifetime mates”, it really is a effective dating algorithm – I have personally signed up hundreds of thousands of users and seen the stories first hand (focus groups, testimonials over the years etc.).

Creative Samples:
Animated 300×250 – Good Call to Action

Animated 468×60 – The ‘Jack of All Trades’ Banner Ad

Animated 125×125 – Great size for the blogosphere!

As you can see above, all the creative samples above have solid call to actions and good quality art. Not the BEST ads, but they are pretty clean and will be approved on most publisher networks.

Payout Terms:
$4.25 CPA!
That’s right – per signup, not per approved sale/transaction…this sweetens the pie greatly!
*I know right? This is an awesome offer!

How do I get Started?
I highly encourage every reader to quickly go and signup for The Market Leverage Affiliate Program, and take immediate advantage of this limited time high CPA payout offer, it’s truly one that you cannot pass-up!



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  1. Thanks Jeremy! We are proud to work with eHarmony! If you have any questions please reach our to Erick or I and we will be glad to help.


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