Mega Millions $270 MILLION JACKPOT Lottery Pool


Ok everyone, our Overture/Yahoo Alumni-Friends Pool has purchased 1,090 Lottery Tickets for tonights Mega Millions $270 Million Dollar jackpot.

Keep thinking positive thoughts and sending out positive vibes about us winning the $270 MILLION JACKPOT tonight! I know we will all use our winnings to make the lives of those close to us and around us even better – as well as do some nice things for ourselves!

Our singular odds are 1/175,711,536 this has theoretically reduced our odds to 1/161,203 – much better…

I’ve never participated in a Lottery Pool of this magnitude, so it’s pretty exciting – “We will Win!”


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  1. And NO we didn’t win. Doh!!!!! Gotta go to work next week

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