LegalZoom on MSNBC Disruptors – TV Show!


Hey, I know those guys…If you want to get your Legal needs done online with ease, Try LegalZoom – 100% Risk Free and Save!

“The founders of LegalZoom had a vision for disrupting the legal industry. The company has come a long way since it started in 2001 by helping people create their own official documents. We sat down with the company’s CEO John Suh to talk about innovation and the importance of boundaries when being a disruptor.”

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  1. Jeremy,

    I posted this elswhere but thought you may see it here sooner…

    I’ll be interviewing Brian Greenwald live on a conference call and I wanted to invite you if you’re interested. If you are it’s easiest for me to contact you with number and time (don’t have exact time yet but should be Wed. or Th. of that week. Also we will record it if you want to listen to recording of it.

    I would like to hear any suggestions you have for questions to ask Brian — I’ve set up a place at my blog to review what we’ve come up so far for topics, issues, concerns, to base my questions from. It’s at (click on Agloco Leader Blog and review or add, comment). I am sending my list of questions to Brian any day so hope you get this in time to offer some suggestions there.

    Partners in Agloco success!
    Mike Klingler

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