Jeremy Hermanns Listens to Jeremy Clarkson and Buys a Volkswagen Phaeton


Yes – I did it, bought a Phaeton and let me tell you it’s the best damn car I have ever owned (PERIOD”.”) and one of the smartest decisions I have ever made (as I spent tons of time in LA Traffic – so why not enjoy myself?).

I didn’t “need” a new car, but honestly I “wanted” one – I had a good year in ’08 so I thought “what the heck!” and my Wife and I started looking/shopping around for some nice luxury sedans…one day my Wife sent me this Article by Jeremy Clarkson (one of my Idols!) of the BBC’s TopGear and Literary fame on the remarkable VW Phaeton:

Partly this is because I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find the perfect large, comfortable car. And partly because I know the Phaeton is the answer but no one seems to agree. The only person I know who has one is the director-general of the BBC. And that’s a miserable 3 litre diesel.

The one I have here is, in essence, a Bentley Continental GT minus the turbocharging and the chromed smooth-action ventilation knobs. It has the same 6 litre W12 engine, the same four-wheel-drive system and the same extraordinary attention to detail.

In a Phaeton, you could drive at 186mph all day, when it’s 122F outside, and the air-conditioning would maintain a constant temperature of 71.6F. This is guaranteed. Or rather it would be if the car wasn’t limited to 155mph…
From: Jeremy Clarkson Volkswagen Phaeton review | Driving – Times Online

Wow, that is a very bold endorsement from a very picky man – Clarkson; who normally has to be cattle prodded to give praise to any Volkswagon creation 😉

Then I found this review from TopGear itself on YouTube:

Watch it, and let me know how your feelings changed before and after viewing – mine sure were dramatically altered.

Naturally, I went afterward and researched what VW Dealer had a Phaeton in stock and we bolted out of the house immediately for our scheduled test drive!

To make a long story short – below are the pics of our new Phaeton below:








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