Hanging up my Affiliate Hat – Officially :)


I wanted to put this quick note together, because a few people have noticed that many of my LONG term affiliate sites aren’t up anymore – there is good reason.

Story: Most of my sites were based on WP, and hosted in Grid/Shared servers…I had a number of them get hacked in Jan, and I fixed them (with lots of effort and updates necessary) – we’ll I got hit again in Feb, and realized it’s just not worth it for me to maintain over 15+ affiliate sites anymore for a few grand a month. YES, I was still making a few dollars – but once the main sites went down, a majority of my SEO rankings we’re impacted greatly…and I’m ok with that.

SO WHAT AM I DOING NOW? I’ve divested my time into Graduate school and also having fun/enjoying my time with my Wife (something I have neglected for MANY Years). I’ve been running affiliate sites since 1999 (when I graduated from CJ University) – but it was time for me to move on. The icing on the cake was the new 2011/2012 FTC regulations in-which they really tightened the screws on Affiliate marketing tactics + Google’s Panda updates, and Yahoo1 demise weren’t helping either.

It’s a bit sad for me, but a decision that had to be made (Time/Money) / Quality of life… 🙂

I am still a Angel investor, still on the board of a few companies, and working full time at Onestop.com – I just am not running my Affiliate sites anymore (or dealing with the hosting nightmares moving forward). Love the industry, but just got a bit burnt out.



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