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  1. Are you the same Jeremy Hermanns from Alaska Airlines Flight #536, the one with the big-ass hole in the fuselage?
    Yes. Yes, I am.
  2. How dare you start something like Blogebrity? Who do you think you are?
    Glad you liked it.


  1. muito legal essaa fotos isso vai ficar gravado em sua memoria brazil

  2. Translating the comment in portuguese: These pics are really cool. This (incident) will be recorded in your memory (i.e. you´ll never forget it).

  3. Peace! Glad you and the rest made it. If you’re ever in San Diego and want a great burger, let me know.

  4. I have to fly on Alaska frequently, but feel I’m playing Russian Roulette since we learned they gambled and lost with the lives of over one hundred souls over a few finger fulls of grease to lubricate the elevator jack screw on an MD-80. Unfortunately in this age of free market fundamentalism gone amok, running an airline is not about passangers, it’s about selling seat miles to produce maximum return on shareholder investment. Safety is a concern only as it relates to protecting assets and contributing to ROI. No airline “wants” an ariliner to crash, but the risks they’re willing to accept are based on probability, nothing more. Before Alaksa locked out its union ground workers in Seattle, it is likely the denting incident would have been reported immediately because the negotiated agreement would likely have contained provisions for discipline, retraining, and otherwise protecting a worker who made a mistake. With a contract labor force, there is much greater opportunity for diffusion of responsibility (which is the whole idea since the ground workers are no longer airline employees). Want proof? Alaska filed a “hit and run” report with the Port Of Seattle police! Hit and run? Like they didn’t know who did it? And it took them 18 hours to file. (Lawyers on holidays, I presume). As a group, airline executives are among the most incompetent and ineffective managers there are. Their one-trick pony response to business challenges has been to balance the books on the backs of ever fewer employees. It doesn’t matter how many people die — at least we’re efficient! That’s why they get those boxcar salaries. $25,000 for skill and talent. $450,000 for conscience money. You guys were lucky — this time.

  5. pete….get your facts straight. 88 people were killed, including some of my good friends.

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  10. Hey bro, are you the same Jeremy Hermanns that drove the beemer at LHHS?

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