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This is the BEST Compilation of Parkour FAILS ever…thanks so much to Break for putting this together…awesome. These guys/gals deserve a lot of credit (for trying) – I’m sure these wannabe acrobats will think twice before attempting to hurl themselves through the air unprepared. OUCH.

Epic Parkour Fail Compilation – Watch more Funny Videos

Parkour Definition:
Parkour (sometimes also abbreviated to PK) or l’art du d√©placement [1] (English: the art of moving) is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible, as if moving in an emergency situation.

Skills such as jumping and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves are employed. The object of parkour is to get from one place to another using only the human body and the objects in the environment. The obstacles can be anything in one’s environment, but parkour is often seen practiced in urban areas because of the many suitable public structures available such as buildings and rails.

Parkour practitioners are often called traceurs if male, or traceuses if female.

Failure Definition:
Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Product failure ranges from failure to sell the product to fracture of the product, in the worst cases leading to personal injury, the province of forensic engineering.

Failure can be differentially perceived from the viewpoints of the evaluators. A person who is only interested in the final outcome of an activity would consider it to be an Outcome Failure if the core issue has not been resolved or a core need is not met. A failure can also be a process failure whereby although the activity is completed successfully, a person may still feel dissatisfied if the underlying process is perceived to be below expected standard or benchmark.

1. Failure to anticipate
2. Failure to perceive
3. Failure to carry out a task

Loser is a derogatory term for a person who is (according to the standards of the observer) generally unsuccessful.

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  1. Some of those people looked uncoordinated at best.

    The last one built the suspense for so long it you knew it would end in tragedy,

  2. Some of those people looked uncoordinated at best.

    The last one built the suspense for so long it you knew it would end in tragedy,

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