Email Phishing Scams & Extortion (Please Beware!)



I just wanted to let everyone know, a personal Gmail account of mine was recently hacked.

The person appears to be from Africa and is attempting to slander my name and has compiled about 5-10 unrelated chat/email threads into quite a good fictional tale (I was impressed, and also laughed my ass off). Scary, it appears this person knows me either from life/email threads – con artists are very SCARY now a days.

Personal apologies for this mess, it was a account I had since 2004 – I notified the FBI’s Internet Crimes Division and the NW3C as well.

Looks like this see site person has doctored up a bunch of old emails/chat logs and anything else they could find, and is now forwarding/sending them around to colleagues and friends in a attempt to extort me for $$$ I don’t have 🙂

Ohh the perils of not having a good password!



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