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Los Angeles is a very strange place to live, you can live within 10 miles and have every facet f living, from the West Side, Culver City, Hollywood, Los Angeles Proper and Downtown. I personally live in Downtown Los Angeles, in the Gas Company Lofts. I wouldn’t recommend anyone move into this building in particular, but I would recommend anyone who is serious about Urban living to check out Downtown.

Downtown Los Angeles is a Gem of a place to live, the traffic is very light to non-existent in the weekends, freeing up your time and schedule for more important things. We’re blocks from the Subway, and Major Transit (Union Station), but I have to admit it’s the Food that keeps me from leaving this city. Downtown has some of the most amazing and long-standing restaurant establishments in Los Angeles. I’m not going to go into detail about this now, but you will find my reviews of local Downtown food fare in my new Food Category.



  1. Marcio Kauamoto Reply to Marcio

    Muito louco isso que aconteceu com voce
    Marcio Kauamoto

  2. As a fellow downtownizen I have to agree that the food down here rocks… my only grips is having to drive far to get to a Trader Joes or a decent supermarket.

  3. that should have read “gripe”

  4. You folks have to be crazy to live in L.A.I have to travel there on occasion.It totally sucks having to be there.Way to many cars,people etc.Its no wonder half the people there are on Prozac.

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