BlogTalkRadio | Jeff and Butch Show #8: My Buddy Butch – Pet Trusts


There was a great story on the Jeff and Butch Show the other day about Pet Trusts. I thought this would be great to post about – as our 8+ Year Old Giant Schnauzer is literally our “Baby”. Please consider a Pet Trust for your loved one, there are very few places a Pet can go if something happened to you – love your pet in life and death!

Attorney Brian Liu, Co-Founder and Chairman of who will be focusing on the growing trend of Pet trusts to insure that your pet is taken care of in the event of your death. It’s no secret that Americans are pet lovers. And from Alaska to New Jersey, pet trusts are the latest wave on the ever-growing pet market. In fact, more and more states are passing laws that allow pet owners to establish pet trusts.


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BlogTalkRadio – Jeff and Butch – Show # 8 My Buddy Butch – Pet Trusts


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  1. Like you, I absolutely adore my dog. I couldn’t imagine not having her as a part of my life. I’d never really considered a pet trust. This is definitely an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing this!

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