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One of my most proud projects in 2005 has been, and the Famous A/B/C Blogger Lists that we created for the Contagious Media Showdown, and subsequently won the Technorati Prize, and 3rd Place overall!

This idea and site was conjured up with SoMeta Co-founder and Web-Guru Kyle Bunch. It was a crazy long shot, but the whole idea was to create a “term/phrase” that would be pervasively be adopted into the ‘blogosphere’ and drive viral interest organically. And, we accomplished just that with the infamous “List.” The idea was brilliant, and we both knew the moment it came to fruition as a wireframe, and then a concept site- it would be a instant hit.

We started off by launching with two components: 1. A Magazine Idea, and 2. By classifying all the bloggers and their respective blogs with whom we we’re knowledgeable of and assembled the preliminary A/B/C list. Between Kyle and Myself we read over 100 blogs daily, give or take 10-15% so we know our stuff; but once we started getting requests and recommendations daily the list grew exponentially.

The site now has matured a lot, and no longer is a simple list, we have approx. 3-6 writers/contributors at any given time, and the content is cutting edge news on the latest in technology/people that compose much of the blogosphere.



  1. Great Reporting!!
    Mom and Dad

  2. Paul Strater Reply to Paul

    I’m also a pilot and also a career braodcaster, GREAT job in capturing the images and reporting the incident first hand. I hope you sold those images for a ton of money. You earned it for your quick thinking and calm demeanor.

  3. Erickson of daly city Reply to Erickson

    Great reporting indeed! I think you’re alertness and calmness can teach many people. Let’s not 9/11 happen again!!

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