Ashley Madison Dating Site | New Advertising Campaign is Erotic

The #1 Married Online Dating Site Ashley Madison has launched a new ‘risque’ and somewhat erotic Advertising campaign – I’ve placed a few of the ads below, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did (SFW – but BARELY!)

Ashley Madison Official Homepage

Ad #1 – Did you know there are 26 sexual uses for the human tongue?

Ad #2 – Why Pay for Sex? Get it at Ashley Madison for Free!

Ad #3 – Let’s go for a walk on the beach…I’ll show you my ruby strfish (rufkm!!!)

Ad #4 – Find a Guy with a REAL Six Pack!

Ad #5 – Just don’t forget your panties…

Ad #6 – Cut out the middleman, or leave him in if that’s your thing! (bi-sexual whaaa!)

Ad #7 – THIS IS MY FAVORITE – This is milk on her lips…but we thought it too! (ROFL)

Again, I hope you found the ads provocative and inspiring…all I can say is kudos to the Art Director – AM gave them a lof of freedom, and I hope it improved their CTR. Bahhhh!