Anyone going to SEOktoberfest?


I am not sure if I can get the time away from the office, but I really was excited to hear about the SEOktoberfest that is happening in Germany.

Quadszilla from SEO Black Hat will be there, as well as Rsnake from, Marcus of Mediadonis and several other super affiliates and black hats. It should be a really good time and a place to learn some of the most elite tips and tricks of the affiliate space.

I’m hoping to go, but not sure if I can actually fit it into the schedule this quarter.

To Quote Quadszillas Article:

Last year I spent Oktoberfest with Marcus (Mediadonis) in Munich. It was awesome. As a Munich native, he’s got all the right connections to make the most of one of the World Greatest Parties.

Thanks to Quadszilla and Marcus for organizing it! Hope to see you all there! Check out the details of SEOktoberfest here


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