Alaska Airlines comments on my story

Wanted to thank everyone for the vibrant discussion going on about my account of Flight #536’s depressurization/landing. I’ll try to keep the comments moderated as much as possible, to remove the ugly/dirty/off-topic ones. But bear with me–we’re getting bombarded right now.

In the meantime, it’s time to play a fun little game–it’s called ‘Guess Whose IP Address These Nasty Comments Originated From’ (I’ll give you a hint — it rhymes with Mawaska Bearlines):

While this maybe a private domain, please have the balls to post all comments. Not edit it to serve your own purpose as the public will read this site based on your comments to the media.

The truth is not always pleasant, but every one has a right to prove or disprove his comments. i.e. he’s not a licenced pilot, it’s jet-A not av gas, etc.

Posted Dec 28, 11:45 AM

You pussy!

Leave up all of the post! Every one has a right to read and write about what they think of your experiance!

Posted Dec 28, 11:17 AM


Did you edit some of the comments here on your board? Some of the comments seam to have gotten smaller in size and content? Hmm… Makes me wonder, do you not like all of the truth to come out?

Posted Dec 28, 11:09 AM

The smell you encountered was probably the Oxegen genarators firing above your head when you pulled the mask down.

As for the phone issue. They have caused problems with the cargo fire detetectors in the past, causing them to indicate smoke/fire in the pits on some aircraft. This problem has somewhat been solved, but no one is 100% sure. There is still some concern that they can cause problems with older navigation systems.

Posted Dec 28, 10:58 AM

You come up with some very imaginative terms to describe the smell and what was happening. Can you explain to me, since when did jet liners start using AV gas? What was burning? YOu say and I quote “I knew something was terribly wrong. As the smell of acrid AV-gas and burning plastic filled the cabin”. Since the hole was far forward of the both the wings in which the fuel is stored and the engines for that matter, where did the smell of AV gas come from? No report of anything burnt was ever made, please explain the burning smell?

Do me one favore. I know you were involved in a terrible event, but don’t make more out of it than it was. Lieing about the smell of gas and burning anything in your blog only serves your own agenda.

Posted Dec 28, 7:58 AM

(PLEASE NOTE — I didn’t edit these in any way–the bad spelling is all them.)

Like I said–these just originated from an IP address registered to them according to my WordPress comment logs; I don’t know if they’re from actual Alaska employees, or maybe just hackers using Alaska’s IP address. But according to my server logs and a simple WHOIS lookup, they all came from an IP address registered to Alaska Airline, Inc..

Thanks again, Alaska. You guys are the best.