Unlimited Lifetime Supercharging and $1000 Off All Tesla Models


Ever since taking delivery of my Tesla S70 I’ve been blown away at how amazing this car is – and its positive impact on my daily commute.

Top Model S New Owner Observations after 30days:

  • I rarely have to use the brake: Sounds odd, but very true. Due to the resistance from the regenerative brakes, the left pedal gets little use.
  • Autopilot Rocks: Seriously, the model S autopilot mode is something out of a science fiction movie. It takes a lot of stress off of LA’s ceaseless traffic too.
  • Seamless Driver Experience: This is a odd one to tangibly explain, but the driver experience from the door handles welcoming you to the absence of any power button or “key” – I love it!
  • All Touchscreen Control:

Hey, if you buy a Tesla Model S or X through the link below, you get free Supercharging and $1,000 off. Only existing Tesla owners can send the link, and it works for up to 5 friends. I think it’s a good deal so wanted to send it over. Click Here for $1000 off any model Teslahttp://ts.la/robert6215


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