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$0 - Zero - Zip - Zilch - Jeremy Hermanns

$0 – Zero – Zip – Zilch


The amount of money I, Jeremy Hermanns made from selling the photos you’ve been seeing all over the Web, Print and Television.

Sorry to disappoint!



  1. Hey, this way you can offer to split the profits with Alaska Airlines, and it won’t cost you a thing!

    You could even split the profits with everyone who leaves you a nasty comment about profiting off the accident.

  2. Hey Jeremy– just a question: how did the rest of the passengers feel about you snapping flash images while they were contemplating mortality? Did they enjoy having these very personal moments captured on film?

    How are your 15 minutes going so far?

  3. It seems that your posts can really bring out the dark side of a lot of people. Sorry to hear you didn’t make any money with all the flack your taking you should be getting paid for it.

  4. Jeremy – I would have done the same thing.

    Had I not been wimpering in a fetal position…

    News is news. And we’ve all got to get used to the idea that covering that news no longer requires Dan Rather, three producers and a full camera crew. All of us are potential witnesses and, now, thanks to the technology of digital photography and videography and blog publishing, we’re all potential reporters as well.

    Also, I’m no copyright lawyer, but unless you specifically released your photos through CC or other means, they’re yours and subject to copyright. So if you see your oxygen-masked mug in the New York Times, and they haven’t asked your permission, you might have a case there.

    (I do believe they can show your site, though, just as they could take a picture of a magazine and republish, but they couldn’t just scan a picture out of Newsweek and use it as art in an article.)

    This is really a call for Jeff Jarvis. Illuminate the BuzzLight over Gotham!

    And don’t let the idiots get you down! Nice sleuthing on the IP address!

  5. Dammit. I need to proofread. It’s whimpering, of course.

  6. As a photographer who has captured many accidents and incidents in life, I assure you the other passengers were fine with someone taking pictures of this incident. And when lawsuit time rolls around they’ll probably want to use your photos as exhibits.
    BTW I don’t think a Union guy would have reported the accident either.

  7. Edward Lund Reply to Edward

    I am an ex Alaska Airlines outsourced ramp service agent. Lets get the facts straight since the news papers can’t.
    Union offered 10.8 million dollars in concessions. Menzies informs Alaska they can save them 13 million. A difference of 2.2 million dollars. Alaska didn’t ask the union if we could cover the last 2.2 million then we could have our jobs back. The Airline became greedy and wanted the union to accept 18 million dollars in concessions or our jobs would be outsourced. My freinds that is called blackmail. My question to you is this; If 2.2 million dollars was the difference between having the ramp service that was rated #1 for 3 consecutive years by Conde’ Nast or having Menzies perform the work who do you think loses? Thats correct the public! I can soundly say that the integrity, intelligence, and work ethic of Alaska Airlines outsourced union baggage handlers would have never knowingly jeopardized and allowed the safety of your family members to be put into a possible position of fear.

  8. Paul In KY Reply to Paul

    To Ralph. When you make mention of “Jet A” are you referring to Jet A 40 or Jet A 50?

    Paul In KY, retired Exxon-Mobil Engineer.

  9. Jeremy: While you haven’t made a dime, you do have your 15 minutes of fame. And, being a local celebrity — even within your own family — isn’t too bad.
    Besides, keep your ‘phone handy and next time you see news, you now have some contacts in the media. Could be the start of a citizen journalism career??
    Now, you just have to figure out how to get paid.
    — Mike

  10. Jeremy,

    As someone who’s been through the same experience (on a 747 over the Atlantic), I have to say I’m quite happy that you’re on the ground safe. The photos give everyone a glimpse into what you would normally only see in a pre flight demo…The circumstances surrounding your flight are quite unfortunate. Ultimatley, it doesn’t matter if it’s Menzies or the Union handling Alaska baggage, the decision not to report even the smallest possability of damage was a decision made by one individual who obviously cared more about getting in trouble than the lives of those on the plane…sad.
    As far as these ridiculous comments you have been receiving, brush them off…These people are just looking for a soap box and have no clue about what you and the other passengers just lived through…Keep you head up, you did well!
    Hmmm…I’m thinking this may prove to be a nasty thing for alaska financially.

  11. I’m so glad you’re talking about this. I work in the media and know that you didn’t sell your photo’s. The Seattle media that has been broadcasting your photo’s are not tabloid shows, they are legit news.

    I have a fear of flying, but fly every three weeks from Seattle to Burbank (I leave today in fact on Alaska to Burbank) and I typically take a valium before I leave. I don’t even know if a valium will squelch my fear today though.

    I find solace though in reading about plane crashes, air emergencies, passenger accounts. I think sometimes our biggest fears are most fascinating. To read about mechanics on an airplane, and know what’s going on, makes me feel better.

    So, that being said I am so thankful to see that you documented the experience with photos, that you choose to give a detailed account to the public, and I’m horrified that people are so nasty. Jealous of the spotlight, or have never actually had a near death experience, I don’t know. I’ve found in many nasty e-mails I’ve gotten in the past are people who truly have nothing better going on in their lives than to try to bring others who are up, down.

    Thank you again. And I’m so glad you’ve survived.

  12. “Bob”, instead of being so selfish, you should be happy someone exposed what happened with such eficiency. If this problem exists, the public – and therefore, the airline companies – should be aware of it so they won’t happen again. What Jeremy has done is shown this to the world.

    Good job, Jeremy.

    What’s next? People will probably say Jeremy did the hole himself on purpose so he could snap some pics of it and post it on his blog?

    Some people.

  13. You could still make some money by putting AdSense on your blog… (www.google.com/adsense)

  14. Wow, Tim is certainly the new age man! We are all news people aren’t we? When he’s in a horrible accident, I’ll take the time to get some shots of his terror and maybe even pain…if we newsies get lucky! But I’ll be sure to copyright it to protect my “case” if someone tries to use my photos without my permission, kinda like what Jeremy did to all of the other passengers. Unless of course he had them all sign a waiver. I doubt it. Generation X seems to lack the sesitivity one needs in this day and age and that lack of sensitivity has been replaced with a large chunk of opportunism. Good luck.

  15. john hubbard Reply to john

    I think it was a great move. I was on a Delta 3 years ago enroute to NY and at 15K the left engine sucked a fan blade and literally blew up (that is to say it spewed fire, sparks and remenents of some very stressed engine metal)- These things happen and I am gald you had the calm to document.

  16. Jeremy,

    Kudos to you for posting the pictures. If I were in the same situation, money or not, I’d do it too.

  17. Nice job on the blog. To bad so many people out there are having a hard time with your blog. Oh well, they are free to be critical, and wrong. What’s up with the Dude from Alaska.

    Well done also on the ethical part of not profiting from the pics.

    Take care and good work.


  18. Can you believe people waste time to complain about your pictures? I am a news junkie and these days the only news I trust is from individuals. If I wanted a left or right slant to my news, I know which channel to flip to. I wonder how many people actually know what smells come around when a hole appears in the side of a Jet at 30,000 feet. I would think you and your co-passengers are now experts even thought you may not know exactly what the smell is. As for not showing the IP and email of your bloggers… If they are truly coming from an AA address, you should report it to someone, if not your readers. Your disclaimer says email not displayed, doesn’t mention IP. By the way, Aren’t they the fools who decided not to land when the Jack Screw quit working on the flight that crashed off the California coast? Oh yeah, those Union Mechanics forgot to grease the Jack Screw or notice the threads stripped off? Union or not, somebody should go down for this. How about your Flight Crew? Pretty impressive how calm they were… It wouldn’t be the first time an Airline has tried to stop true facts from coming out. Thank you for supplying your thoughts and information about your flight. I am very glad everyone came through OK. As for your 15 minutes, make the best of it.

  19. Jeremy, for Chris’sakes dude, get some click-thru BlogAds or the Google thing in the right sidebar area immediately and at least earn yourself a paid vacation. You’ve earned that much.

    BTW, just curious, has Alaskaaaaahhhh Air offered you guys any vindaloo in lieu of a fat lawsuit?

  20. Jeremy, you’re awesome and your actions deserve praise. Don’t let the internet nutjobs and axe-grinders like “Bob” discourage you one bit.

  21. Your a friggin dope. Did you call your lawyer from your cellphone before or after you got off the plane?

  22. i read about you posting your pictures on USAtoday.com, and honestly, people need to get a grip. sh*t happens. if we’re lucky, sh*t happens and we get a picture.
    not a single person who has posted something negative can tell me that they’ve driven by a car accident on the freeway and not slowed down and tried to look. (if they were driving at the time, i can almsot gaurentee that they told their passenger to look and tell them what happened.)
    i think its awesome. too bad you didnt get any money from it, but hey, that shows a lot about you. sometimes it’s about more than the money.

  23. I don’t disagree with the folks encouraging you to get some banner ads up, but I praise you for not giving into that sort of thing.

    As of late, we’ve got a lot of “person to editor to publisher to distributer to world” journalism. When something is printed that someone doesn’t like, they can only, really, rail at the publication (i.e., “damned Daily Gazette Herald Crier — they never git it right!”)

    I guess, with the far more direct “person to world” method of journalism, we’ve got to expect a bit of that railing to come right back at the person — no middle-man, no publication “anonymizer” to prevent the onslaught of commentary and critique.

    Buck up — You’ve got a lot of support out in the ‘verse. What you’ve done in telling your story is too valuable to the world to let it fall by the wayside because of a few rotten apples.

    Best wishes!

  24. Cautionary Journalist Reply to Cautionary

    To be upfront, I have no issue with your posting your account of the incident on your blog. I applaud it, in fact. It’s always good to hear an account from someone who was actually there instead of hearing about things only from sterilized press releases.

    I would like to caution you, however, on your use of “facts”. You state as fact that the worker who bumped the plane was non-union and cite a news page that does mention that the airfield had fired 400 union workers. It does not, however, say that that particular worker was non-union and if you want to avoid a potential libel lawsuit, you can’t assume that he or she *is* non-union without more explicit proof.

    I also read the page you cited to state that Alaska Airlines usually oversells flights. Did you perhaps link the wrong page? I realize that most airlines do overbook often, but the webpage you cite actually hurts your statement rather than helping it. It states very clearly that overbooking of flights was less common at the time the information was posted than it was prior to September 11, 2001. I must also question the relevancy of the data, seeing as the story on the page was written in late 2002 – 3 years old. Old data that says the opposite of what you’re stating will not help you prove your point. Just a couple of pointers for future reference.

    In the meantime, keep your head up and don’t let them get you down.

  25. Any one who has a problem with your post about the aircraft problem would have to be very closed minded. They probably get their news from FOX and belive that it’s “Fair and Balanced”. Reporting events as you see, hear, smell, etc. them is not lieing. Knowing the truth and saying somthing else or leaving out details to make it sound like somthing it’s not is lieing. Negitive comments with AA ip addy’s, 2+2=4

  26. Cautionary Journalist Reply to Cautionary

    Oops, I meant to mention that the news story did not state that there were now NO union workers at the airfield. A potentially muddling point.

    My apologies for any confusion!

  27. I see what’s going on here… You were trying to prove that non-union employees at Alaska Airlines are a danger. That explains the comment in your story and the jestering by crew members on film. Homeland Security and the FAA should arrest and charge you people for attempted murder.

    If you had died, your video would have been famous. unfortunately you survived to become a nobody for the rest of your life.

  28. This is a helluva way to close out 2005! Glad to see you guys made it safe on the ground. My best to you and your finacee on your upcoming wedding. :”)

  29. LOL, this is great. So Jeremy is now culprit of a murder attempt AND it’s unfortunate he survived? All because he took pics on the airplane?

    Jesus, what’s wrong with you people… He did really some struck some chord and got the trolls from under the rock, eh? So were you the one who did the hole on the plane, “Jack”? Say, did you expect the plane to explode in mid-air or just to fall to its doom? Ohh, too bad it didn’t happen and all those people survived.

  30. Jeremy, great work as a blogger! I run Milblogging.com (an index of military blogs), and it’s great to bloggers get the spotlight. I guess the Airline employees aren’t trained on computers. IP Address? Wha? Huh? Great post..

  31. I fly every week, and have been in a similar, less frightening situation invloving landing gear. I doubt I would have thought to take photos.

    As for the critics – every candy bar has a few nuts. Enjoy your 15 minutes!

  32. Why would any person get upset that this guy took photos on the plane? Ever watched the news? No one ever asks if they would like their photo taken. Grow up people & get a life.

  33. I have been a flight attendant for 30 yrs and work for Alaska. I am very happy that you have publicised your event because #1 you have every right to do so and #2 Alaska is second only to the Bush administration in secrecy and cover-ups. The Menzies people have not been able to get their act together and train their people since locking out the workers who were invested in this workplace. If people only know how many aircraft have been put out of commission since Menzies started and the problems accompanying…tagging of interior cargo doors, fistfights on the ramp, stealing out of luggage, among a long list of outrageous actions. Alaska will not admit to the error of their judgement although it has cost them millions of dollars. (Even if Menzies has to bear the cost of repairs what about the lost revenue of those aircraft out of service?) I do disagree with your girlfriend who said that she did not know about the masks being attached to the passenger service unit door. It is REQUIRED for us to READ the safety announcement and the MD has a different announcement from the 737s. the masks only drop down on the 737s. I think she may have missed that part of the announcement. It is ALWAYS there. You say you have not made any money on this and I think that is too bad. Why not? You may have forced Alaska to be a safer airlines and shed light on the ongoing cost of union busting, which could end up with your life being terminated.

  34. good job! you had your facts together far better than the New York Times did on the weapons of mass destruction story. and you didn’t even have an editor! your critics are just passing gas.

  35. I think you’re smart by posting your experience – all the power to you. When anything like this happens, you get the good and the ugly, and some people are very opinionated! Don’t let them get to you! I think you should copyright your photos and if sites or other media outlets print them (such as Usa Today) you should get royalties. Call an attorney – you’d be surprised at how much you might make as these pics will appear over the years. Why not make a few dollars for the ordeal you went through? I think you’re smart and it’s positive to document your experience and express what happened. You go guy! :))

  36. Joe guy Reply to Joe

    Dear Free Blog site:

    Thank s for the story, don’t worry.
    We had a blog site and everytime we helped people for FREE, everyone got mad.

    It turns out the negative comments aren’t people, they are like layers and airplane industry people ACTING like normal people.
    So don’t let them get under your skin.

    I believe you didn’t charge but you shouldn’t even respond to that. I mean HOLLYWOOD CHARGES FOR SCARY STORIES and WHEN THEY MAKE MOVIES but YOU CAN’T?

    Anyway I am glad yo9u never charged anything. It shows your honest which is wht they hate.

    Here is advisce, DO NOT RESPOND to the negative guys, just KEEP BLOGGING.

    We can see what kind of people they are, rather than tell the truth about a story, they will throw a red herring in tell you shut down.

    Go to http://www.drudgereport.com

    that guy never shut down when he posted the truth

    You are onto something big, this can be a carreer.

    You could be the clearing house for air stories or something like that!

    You ahve found your nitch.

    America is freedom to write and you can see all these other people aren’t americans in heart.

    leave the guy alone already.

    see If I ever fly on any airline that posts here against this simple guy.

    see ya

  37. Joe guy Reply to Joe


    Immediately put a statement up that says ALL PHOTOS AND CTORY RIGHTS RESERVED.

    If USA has your pic up there now, you will definitely get something.

    This not charging is garbage.

    The guy who happened to get the Kennedy video has a gold mine.

  38. It’s unbelievable what some people will bitch at, isn’t it? There’s little you can do on a plane but take pictures. I’m sure the staff was grateful you just let them do their jobs.

  39. Rock on! Don’t let the nay sayers get you down. The blog has empowered the individual and those who fear it don’t want the responsibility of thinking for themselves.

  40. You made it on the frontpage of usatoday.com

    I hope Alaska Air can hire person that won’t put anyone on risk.

  41. I’m not so sure I understand all the phlegm and spittle being thrown your way. It’s not justified. Your account is eye-opening and oddly reassuring; I’d think the airline would be delighted. It had a happy ending, afterall. But mostly, I wanted to encourage you and othe bloggers to keep up the citizen stream of info that keeps the powers honest. If we ever lose a free press, it’ll be the bloggers who’ll have to take over the defense of the democracy. That’s a pretty honorable calling.

  42. Just another testimonial from a news media outlet that used your photos, credited your blog, absolutely free. I would say, though, that even though I’m sure you wouldn’t have wished for the experience, it will probably have some ripple effect on your other businesses … I have to admit, for example, I hadn’t heard of blogebrity until I followed the trail from your blog. Just the way the new world works. This is the future of news … as it happens, real people tell their stories, themselves. Someday us “old media” might not even be around any more to redistribute it.

  43. Dude, your blog header image makes me so hungry. I have been refreshing for like 2 minutes now and I’ve gotten drool all over my keyboard.

  44. Man, I STILL can’t get over how nasty some people can be. Yikes. Good lord, Jeremy, you did absolutely nothing wrong. I wish you well.

  45. Well folks, when we talk about how to fasten your seat belt and you all look at us and giggle or you try to imitate us when we demonstrate the proper use of how to use O2 mask, you just never know when something like this might happen. So from a professional flight attendant, I say pay attention, we are here to save your ass not kiss it.

    On the topic of buring smells inside the cabin. That is the Chlorate Candle or what you might call the oxygen generator. When you pull your mask from the brackets on the MD80 aircraft, you begin the reaction of making O2. These Chlorate Candle become so hot, that they begin to burn the dust that has acculated since thier last check. Its easy to say nothing to wworry about but then who likes to smell something buring.

    So when I stand in front of you and show you how to put your mask on, PAY ATTENTION. Also for thoes passengers sitting on the left side of the airplane there are 3 O2 mask, in the event we must use them put the adult masks on first then put your childs mask on 2nd. The little one isnt understanding whats going on and they dont tend to panic like adults. just a safety tip from your professional flight attendant.

  46. I don’t understand where half of the people that have commented on this topic are coming from. I better flat out tell you that I work for AS (Alaska Airlines, not AA, btw) because it’s apparently wrong to omit that fact and speak your mind as a regular human being. Though I may disagree with the way “Ralph” handled the situation, the fact of the matter is that he is a person just like you and I and happened to make the mistake of commenting at an AS terminal. Honestly, what normal blogger goes through his logs, searching for IP addresses and converts them to domain names? I can only imagine the grin on Jeremy’s face after he struck that gold :|. I suppose that’s beside the point. All I’m getting at is that people make such a big deal over the fact that this “came from Alaska Airlines, omg.” This statement did not come from Alaska. Ralph was not “representing” my company. Obviously Alaska Airlines isn’t about to call a passenger names after an event like this. It came from another person, a person that sits at an airport all day and has no say over what “Alaska Airlines,” as a company, wants to portray as public relations image. As for there being lawsuits, I’m not completely sure that you can sue (and win) because of a situation that you were put in that scared you (as nobody really got hurt).

    I sympathize for those who had to deal with this as I would have been terrified but when it really comes down to it, nobody got hurt, nobody died. I think it’s a shame that AS has this on their plate as it boils down to the mistake of a contracted ramp worker. He was wrong in not reporting what he had done and now AS has to pay the price of it. I think this whole situation has been blow out of proportion considering that the plane landed just fine and all the passengers safely got from point A to B at the end of the day.
    Don’t get me wrong — what happened wasn’t normal and, of course, any sort of aviation incident is newsworthy but it’s also damaging to a reputable company.

    It’s just a shame that AS has to pay the price on this one.

    Alaska Airlines is a great airline. I love working for them and I believe we do offer a great service. I’m sorry if you disagree but, like Ralph and Jeremy, I’m entitled to my opinions. 🙂

  47. dude, you gotta signup for Google AdSense and make money with this blog 🙂

  48. That’s nutty. And Anon On, you should see everyone’s comments in the previous thread instead of continuing to post copy/pasted comments in a hope that someone will be blissfully ignorant of your real intent.

    Also, I’m amazed that people are still attacking you. You just got through a frightening and possibly life-endangering situation and now people are here to tell you how horrible you are to sharing your story. I’m amazed at first, and now people are complaining about your pictures? Wow. That’s ridiculous. I’m just glad you’re okay and lived to tell about it. Maybe if more people share stories like this, industries like the airlines won’t be so haphazard with our safety and service in one hand while simultaneously beating us for more money and concessions on the other.

  49. Rock on guy. Nice job of citizen journalism. Great stuff. – C

  50. http://www.alaskaair.com/www2/company/almanac/almanac.asp

    AA won’t even publish the news of this incident on their website… corporate arrogance again. Don’t they ever learn?
    Here’s the link to contact numbers of AA execs…give them a call, ask them why they’re not reporting this issue accurately (or at all!)

  51. Wow, blogs really bring out serious jerks. People get on their high-horse and talk the talk, making fun of spelling, and nit-picking the author. I’m glad you recorded this incident! This is the purpose of the blog. Good job Jeremy!

  52. jonathan riley Reply to jonathan

    glad you survived to tell the tale mr hermanns.  it ain’t no fun at all when things go wrong up there.  the more people blog these in flight incidents, the better for all of us:-/

  53. Erin Duggan Reply to Erin

    Good for you. What’s the point of keeping a blog if you can only retell the non-dramatic moments in life? When I was robbed a few months ago, I blogged it before I told most people about it. And wished I had my camera so I could have shot pictures of the guy being arrested. I thought it was an interesting account of something most people (thankfully) haven’t been through.


  54. Good for you, man. I also would have documented what happened. I’m also happy you didn’t do it for profit. You have to show what happened objectionably. Thankfully, you and no one else was injured. I think you should share your profits of the pics with the rest of us! LOL!

  55. Great blog! Fascinating. Please keep up the good work.

  56. WHat exactly did Jeremy expose? Images of Flight attendants doing their jobs? Images of passengers not panicing in a crisis? Images of an aircraft successfully returning to terra firma? Or was it the now nationally famous self-pic modelling the o2 mask?

    The local news agencies have an almost creepy way of hearing reports of emergency landings, and they often tend to investigate them to please their dinner-time viewers. Alaska Air reported the incident (obviously) and advised the media that the NTSB (that would be the federal agency that investigates such things) was investigating the incident. They (meaning the NTSB and Alaska) then released the preliminary findings of the investigation, and I read today that Alaska has publicized its internal responses to the problem.

    I missed the part where Alaska Air lied. I missed the part where the airline tried to cover up the incident. I missed the part where the company tried to kill Jeremy and the other passengers.

    Can someone show me the parts I missed, because I don’t see them anywhere.

    This story has blown into blogospheric sensationalism. Why is Jeremy more of a story than the aircraft? Sensationalism.

    But at least you didn’t get paid. That’s how we know we’re still in the right… right?

    Wasn’t there a guy somewhere who hit a plane with a cart or something? To hell with him; the story is with the hero blogger vs. the evil megacorp.

  57. Cero (in spanish)
    Niunduro (in Catalan)


  58. Frequent Flier Reply to Frequent

    Hey Lyn, how many days off did Alaska Airlines give you for the holidays? Good time to check up on all the blogs, right.. 😉

  59. Edgar Poet Reply to Edgar

    I can understand your feelings of loss of control and hopelessness while in midair potential crash scenario with your fiancee. hope you guys get married soon and live happy ever after!

    In 1983, I was in midair fire aboard prop plane, small airline firm, and for 20 minutes we felt we were all going to die either in midair fire explosion or later crash landing. we survived. landed safely on one engine due to skill of pilot who put fire out after 20 mintues, but those 20 minutes seared my memory and i still cannot fly. have severe fear of flying phobia due to that accident. hope you and others aboard the Alaska jet will fare better. get counselling NOW! these fears and memories can last a lifetime. Mine did and do. i cannot fly anymore.

  60. mike corkill Reply to mike

    He was the one on board and his experience I feel may have some positive effect. We have seen and learned what happens in such a situation. I am suprised at the complainers, must be republicans

  61. 26-year-old male arrives at the ER complaining of rectal bleeding. He is too embarrassed to provide an accurate history but provides the examing doctor a clue: “There might be something stuck in my rear end.” Examination reveals a non-tender abdomen, but a rectal exam shows blood coming from his anus. A speculum exam reveals bloody stool and a Alaska Airlines 747. Apparently, through the cardboard tubing from a paper towel roll, the Jetliner had been forced into his rectum. Once the Jetlinerwas in, the tube was pulled out.

    The idea is that as the Jetliner suffocates, it burns and vibrates the lining of the rectum, providing an intense sensation to the patient. The Jetliner should then have been defecated, but the swelling and bleeding had caused the retention of the Fuselage . The patient required pain medication and antibiotics after the Jetliner was removed, but was then allowed to go home.

  62. Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly any 747’s.

  63. dennis hermanns Reply to dennis

    are you coming from holand/nederland?

    i am my name is dennis hermanns

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