Shopify vs WooCommerce (which one is better?)

So, your thinking about opening up a ecommerce site?
You’re probably thinking about the differences between WooCommerce/Wordpress and a hosted SaaS solution like Shopify (right?). You might be confused which one is better for your needs, so I put together a list of things to consider when making the choice for yourself!

– Do you want self hosted or SAAS? (there is much less complexity with hosted SaaS commerce solutions like Shopify)
– How technical are you? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Do you enjoy troubleshooting / coding? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How many products? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How many SKU’s? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How many options or option sets? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How many categories and/or subcategories of products do you need? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Need the ability for recurring/subscription billing? (- for Shopify | + for WooCommerce)
– Are you selling wholesale and retail? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How much wholesale functionality do you need? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Particular payment provider you need? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– US based or worldwide shipping? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Need full time shipping quotes? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Need MAP functionality? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– What about coupons and discount codes? (- for Shopify | + for WooCommerce)
– Are you dropshipping? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Need multi-warehouse functionality? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– How much of a third party eco-system do you want? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Are you using a Mac or PC? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)
– Do you need high resolution product photos or will standard resolution work? (+ for Shopify | – for WooCommerce)

From the bullets above, it seems that Shopify is the CLEAR winner, but in the end it’s up to you. I personally have seen many many entrepreneurs use Shopify to become overnight successes, and that’s simply not as easy with a WooCommerce/WordPress commerce install.

Decision: Shopify offers the best “out of the box” features and options to help you get online, and selling faster.
Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.15.48 PM

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Why is Shopify your ticket to long term income?

Shopify Build a Better Business Competiton

5 Reasons to choose Shopify?
1. Everything works together
All the pieces work together perfectly. Similar to how Apple or Google designs/manufactures their software and hardware to all sync up just right – Shopify also builds your ecommerce ecosystem: the website, shopping cart, payment, and inventory to all work together seamlessly.

2. Your not very technical
When using WordPress you’ll be responsible for security, speed, and hosting. Shopify has already thought of this and built it for the everyday professionals. Your store will be secure, easy to configure, fast, and maintenance free.

3. More payment gateways
Handling payments and receivables is one of the more complicated components of running a online store.
Shopify makes it super-easy to plug and play nearly all payment gateways.

4. Simple backend administration / Accounting
As a store owner, you’ll be spending most of your time in the backend of your website – setting things up, adding product, and serving customers. Shopify has an amazingly simple backend system that makes your administrative chores easy.

You will love the simple paste-in Analytics fields, the drop down settings, and the set up checklists – makes this a no brainer!

5. Professional support + Large Developer Community
Unlike WordPress and other shopping carts which are open-source and rely on community (ie, not right now) support – Shopify has a dedicated support team. I was especially impressed with Caroline Schnapp – who if you look on their Facebook page still impresses customers to this day with detailed and helpful service on the forums.

Proven Platform
The great news about Shopify is you are getting a world class, bullet proof platform to run your business. They have had more SharkTank clients than any single competitor, and have never experienced downtime (this is amazing!). They also partner with a few of the Sharktank hosts in their Build a Biz comp!
Shopify Build a Better Business Competiton

Pricing & Plans
Standard Plans: Starts at $9 monthly and goes all the way up to $179 monthly
Enterprise: Shopify Plus is their new Enterprise level plan and starts at $500/mo and goes all the way up to $2K a month (from our feedback)

Summary: You get a truly robust website building platform that can scale with virtually any business (watch out Walmart!).
Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.15.48 PM

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Start a Free Trial with Shopify – The #1 eCommerce Platform in the World!

As you are well aware, there are tons of Shopify reviews on the web, and just like everyone else we have our own perspective of why Shopify is the #1 Top e-Commerce webstore builder.

– Do you have a great business idea that you’ve always wanted to explore?
– A product idea that you want to test in the market?
– Existing offline business that could grow online?
– Expand your local business nationally online!

Here’s your chance! Launch an online store with Shopify and start making money from your creations/ideas!

It’s YOUR turn to impress your customers with a beautiful online store, secure shopping , and a ton of award winning themes…


Email Phishing Scams & Extortion (Please Beware!)


I just wanted to let everyone know, a personal Gmail account of mine was recently hacked.

The person appears to be from Africa and is attempting to slander my name and has compiled about 5-10 unrelated chat/email threads into quite a good fictional tale (I was impressed, and also laughed my ass off). Scary, it appears this person knows me either from life/email threads – con artists are very SCARY now a days.

Personal apologies for this mess, it was a account I had since 2004 – I notified the FBI’s Internet Crimes Division and the NW3C as well.

Looks like this see site person has doctored up a bunch of old emails/chat logs and anything else they could find, and is now forwarding/sending them around to colleagues and friends in a attempt to extort me for $$$ I don’t have :)

Ohh the perils of not having a good password!


3 Neuromarketing Considerations For Landing Page Optimization

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ cognitive and emotional responses to marketing stimuli. It seeks to learn why consumers make the decisions they do and what part of the brain our decisions stem from.

In this article, I’ll cover several brain “shortcuts” and discuss ways to successfully implement them on PPC landing pages. As an extra bonus, many of the pointers can also be used on primary website pages, too.

Always Provide a Clear and Simple choice-set: eCommerce Landing Pages

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Twitter Hacks Force Companies to Confront Security on Social Media –

While most Americans were winding up their holiday weekends last Monday, the phones at the Vancouver headquarters of HootSuite, a social media management company, began to ring.

Burger King Twitter Account Hack

Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked last Monday.

Burger King’s Twitter account had just been hacked. The company’s logo had been replaced by a McDonald’s logo, and rogue announcements began to appear. One was that Burger King had been sold to a competitor; other posts were unprintable….

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8 Strategies to Get Multiple First Page Rankings on Google | Search Engine Journal

Check out Chris’s article on controlling the first page – and the examples from optimizing SEOMoz’s results and dominating!

Remember “the good ol’ days” when Google search result pages were clean, simple pages with 10 results and a few ads? For better or for worse, those days have disappeared like Severus Snape being confronted with shampoo.

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Shoemoney’s New System Just Launched – $1,549 per day!

Shoemoney's Book - #1 Amazon Bestseller
This is some mind blowing stuff we have today. Due to the overwhelming success of his best selling book, Jeremy is literally giving away membership in the Shoe-In Money System for FREE! Who is this guy? Well, he’s also been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Tech Crunch, just to name a few 😉

Before he made the system public, he owned one of the biggest money making blogs in the world. Totally dominated Adsense and made a killing on Facebook.
Shoemoney has the skills to pay the bills - Affiliate Domination!

But NOW, he’s putting the system up for grabs to ANYONE who wants it. This is crazy!

Check out the new video he posted about it:
This needs your immediate attention guys

*And if you think this is something you’ve seen before, you’re mistaken.

This works. It’s been tried, tested, and it’s relevant for anybody who’s in the biz and with their noses to the grinding stone.

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